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Bisexual Blues – The Forgotten Workplace Minority
Employment law in many parts of the world protects employees against discrimination based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation.

Will the Growing Wave of LGBT Seniors Get Services and Protection?
The primary benefit of LGBT visibility is the consequent ability to demand services, equal rights and protections at the local, state and federal levels.

Bisexual Pastor Protests Stance Taken on Team
An openly bisexual pastor continues to cry foul ball in connection with his church’s softball team being put in the spotlight because of what the church believes and what he preaches from the pulpit.

The Rev. James Semmelroth Darnell of St. John United Church of Christ in St. Clair said his church team was banned from the loosely organized and informal St. Clair church softball league that plays on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Evergreen and Orchard parks because of the beliefs he and the church have on gays and lesbians, and because Darnell himself is bisexual.

The Doctor Is Out… And Outspoken: An Interview With Dr. Lisa Diamond
When Dr. Lisa Diamond gave a keynote speech at the recent BECAUSE conference, I just had to sit up and listen. As whipsmart as she is apologetically outspoken, this University of Utah psychology professor has her finger on the pulse of human sexuality research — and the attention of homophobic and biphobic conservatives who try to twist her findings to further their own agenda. She’s the last person who’s going to take that lying down.

Legacy: Looking Back at the Queer/Bi Movement and the Road Ahead
Bisexual activism has been taken up by newer generations in America and elsewhere, the latest examples being four bi leaders listed in The Advocate’s “40 Under 40.” That such a sometimes-stodgy/sometimes-surly frienemy of bi people (at least in the past) would now list a bi leader, let alone four, among a select few is itself a sign of progress — and of the legacy of the bi movement to date.

May 2012 Cover Girl: Anna Paquin
An enigmatic actress? I didn’t know they still existed. We had Marlene Dietrich in the 1930’s, the ultra private Jodie Foster in the 80’s/ 90’s and all those other elusive starlets in between. But now? In an era where reality TV, Twitter, and TMZ have excessively fed our addiction for knowing all there is to know about stars? Any mystery has seemingly faded. At least I thought it had until I sat down for a sunny March afternoon lunch at Santa Monica’s M Kitchen with Anna Paquin and the orange peach smoothie she ordered. Successfully concealing a baby bump under layers of charcoal wool along with those Raisinette eyes hiding behind turquoise shades, I realized that she just might be our contemporary mysterious starlet.

Sexual Reorientation
There has been a recent shift in the political and legal treatment of bisexuals. Since Ruth Colker, Naomi Mezey, and Kenji Yoshino began writing about the phenomenon of bisexual erasure and the resulting invisibility of the bisexual from sexual-orientation law and the LGBT rights movement, something strange has happened. Bisexuality is suddenly hypervisible.

COMMUNITY VOICES: Domestic violence in same-sex relationships
Researchers and statisticians, clinicians and authors continue to study the issue of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) violence in intimate relationships. Is it the same as heterosexual intimate partner violence? Is it different? If so, in what ways? Well, the jury has been out, so to speak, for several years and the information supports the fact that of course, intimate partner violence occurs in same-sex relationships.

The right to marry is only the first step
The discussion started with the premise that it is obvious that same-sex couples should be able to get married. Winterson described this as “necessary for equality” and “obvious”. The rest of the panel agreed – as did most of the audience. Winterson asked all those who didn’t think marriage equality is self-evidently important to raise their hand. A lonely hand waved in the packed venue.

Limited Expression of Homosexuality in Black Hollywood
In general, there are few role models in Hollywood for young homosexuals of color. The few celebrities who are speculated to identify as lesbian or bisexual tend to keep their identities private. The ones who identify as straight tend to stray away from any inclination of homosexuality, revealing a stimga towards gays in the black community.


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