Intermission: Books: Anything that Moves

My thoughts as a reader:
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Ever since the whole Veronica Mars successful kickstarter which in turn brought out a rash and I mean rash like infection of people who don’t necessarily need our money (meaning like they have other avenues to get funding, ie. networking, contacts, neoptism) but deciding to go the route of digital begging instead (check out this latest shit). Which in turn is ruining the point of kickstarter. However, there was a funding a while ago that had a good purpose and by the time I found out it had already reached its goal and more. Which mean there is a whole segment of people who wants stuff written about and for them. What is it?

It is a graphic anthology about the “B” (and what is under its umbrella) in the LGBT community called Anything that Loves as oppose to the trope and assumed play on words for bisexuals, “anything that moves”. It sounds like a great idea and I wish I knew about it earlier. I probably donated for the hardcover as I prefer physical books but I will hopefully get the chance to buy it later on with a digital copy and then give book to the local library. They have a lonely sad shelf of anything Bisexual and Contemporary.

The book clocks in at 210 pages of comics from 30 creators. With the introduction, info about the authors, and title pages, we’re looking at a 224-page book! It will be paperback, and have a nice soft-touch finish. I will add info as soon as I get it here: Retail for $???. This item will be available in July???.

[Overview] Anything That Loves is a new anthology from Northwest Press. The book aims to focus on the stories that LGBT anthologies often avoid: abandoning one sexual identity and trying on another, finding the love of your life isn’t the sex you thought (s)he would be, navigating sexuality as a transgender person (or dating someone transgender), dealing with a gay community that often feels “betrayed” by bisexuals… Anything That Loves asks you to put aside the labels, categories, and boxes and explore human sexuality with no roadmap.

Here is the video explaining the idea behind “Anything that Loves” from the publisher.


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