Intermission: Article: Bi Men Exist, No Shit Sherlock!

I haven’t decided to add articles outside of movies and books but I think I will when I find them as it’s of interest to bisexuals in general. So this came over my alert and I am just shaking my head since this research is coming from the same people who decided that bi men didn’t exist in the first place but I guess good news is good, but I reiterate along with others:

No Shit Sherlock. Of course bisexual men exist!

Or if you’re a little fannish, it can be a combination of Rules #34-36. Why does everybody believe in these ethereal but solid rules without needing validation but somehow concrete “bisexual men”: men you can talk to, sometimes touch (if allowed), I mean they are only human, but can be forgotten as soon as you turn your head. Geeze, they are the “magical unicorn”.

If you wish to read the article yourself:

New York Times – Inside Health


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