Movie Trailer: Diverso Da Chi (2009)

Diverso Da Chi/Different From Whom?(2009)

Oscar AwardSynopsis:
Piero (Luca Argentero), a gay man who is a councillor in a northern Italian city and has aspirations to climb higher. The heads of his party in Rome have decided on a candidate to install for the upcoming mayoral elections as a strawman but they know he won’t win on gay and lesbian rights so they pair him a conservative, a centrist candidate named Adele (Claudia Gerini) who isn’t on surface the best choice as his deputy mayor.

Both are not getting along so Piero’s partner Remo gives him advice on how to communicate better with her but things take a turn when both Piero and Adele start getting along too well…

Movie Trailer:

diversodachi by whiskeysilver


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