Movie Review: .45 (2006)

.45 (2006)

Oscar AwardSynopsis:
[Cinemablend] The movie first introduces us to Kat (Milla Jovovich), who lives in a shoddy New York apartment with her aggressive boyfriend Big Al (Angus Macfadyen). A very dominant character and respected gun dealer, Big Al is convinced he reigns over the entire neighborhood. When Kat decides to get into the gun business herself and starts selling weapons behind Al’s back, his jealousy tosses him into an explosion of rage that leads to a gruesome rape. With the help of a devoted social worker (Aisha Tyler) and her bisexual friend Vic (Sarah Strange), Kat finally finds the necessary courage to engage in a vicious act of revenge that could free her from Al once and for all.

Short Version: A story of how obsession, addiction and abuse leads a young woman (Jovovich) to execute an elaborate plan of revenge.

I don’t get bored with Milla Jovovich movies, this movie I can watch more than once but twice? That’s where it gets a little muddled. Watching it for the first time (this was after not looking at any movies with bi/poly attachments, so this group including this movie is from the batch I saw prior to vacation.) I was looking for different things for the blog like any bi behaviors and Milla (Kat) does exhibit them (I will say all the females in this movie) so I wondered in what context and it’s in her relationships; the bastard of a boyfriend, her female best friend who lust after her, the boyfriend’s friend and his rival who lust after her and the social worker who gets closer to her than the others. (In all these relationships she responds to all, some more strongly than others for her ends.)

On the second run I just watched and it plays as a simple deception movie. Once you figure out where the characters stand with main character Kat (Jovovich). She is a woman desperate to leave an abusive relationship but doesn’t know how. Or does she? Because as the story progress you already picked up one the facts is that she “relying on the kindness of strangers” or should I say “relying on the kindness of friends” a little to well. Almost manipulatively well….

Anyway, I stayed until the end even when I figured out the twist and all her deceptions fell into place there really was only two people who felt betrayed by her; one who deserved it and one who didn’t. All in all, rent if you can find it.

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