Mini Movie Review: The Dying Gaul (2005)

The Dying Gaul (2004)

Oscar AwardSynopsis:
[Moviefone] In this psychological thriller, Robert (Peter Sarsgaard) is a screenwriter devastated over the loss of his lover to AIDS. To cope with his grief, he has written a screenplay that tells his lover’s personal story; to his surprise, a studio executive Jeffrey (Campbell Scott) offers him a million dollars for it. But there is a catch: He must change the central character to a woman. Wrestling with the dilemma he now faces, Robert finds himself drawn into a web of deceit and seduction from which there may be no escape.

I don’t know what to expect and that’s what I kind of got. It has a great start and middle but got weaker and I’m scratching my head with the ending. I did like the interconnections, the double meanings and dealings between the three main characters. l like how Jeffrey, the husband tells Robert that no one will want to see a gay love story all the while seducing the male writer into bed. I know I didn’t like how the wife insinuated herself into Robert’s life via email chatroom which slowly became internet stalking, what she did was super shady and she needed to be taught a rough lesson but the part that scratches my head was how she received her comeuppance. I mean really? At one point through the emails she was telling Robert not to die to live on past Malcolm but when Robert figure out who was stalking him, did she deserve or should I say should her family deserved the revenge Robert exacted?

I honestly couldn’t tell you if you should watch this movie as the ending still kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. However, there are part leading up to the end that is good so rent it. You decide.



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