Mini Movie Review: I Will Survive/Sobreviviré (1999)

I Will Survive/Sobreviviré (1999)

Oscar AwardSynopsis:
[Netflix] In this romantic comedy, a young pregnant woman named Marga (Emma Suarez) is grieving the loss of her husband in a car accident. When her baby is born, she decides to reinvent her life after meeting a gay man named Inaque (Juan Diego Botto). Immediately, the two forge a special bond as friends, but they soon find there’s more to their relationship than just friendship in this film from directors Alfonso Alacete and David Menkes.

Okay, I wanted to see this movie since last year and I finally saw it a couple of days ago and I liked it. Movie endings for me is a “make or break it” moment for me. And I did love the movie in whole but I wished I never saw the last minute of the movie. It was like the couple went through all of this for nothing but after a couple of days since I could say well… relationships in real life doesn’t have music in the background.

It was a nice movie to watch, a nice romance with angst which satisfied me so rent it.



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