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I haven’t been online for a while but I did get to a computer at one point and decided to check out webcomics that may or has bisexual or poly characters. All the comics I recommend have some warning of your reading this at home rather in your office for some adult situations, please don’t blame me for your bad judgment.

Comics I’m loving and had enjoyed…

Menage 3 is a very raunchy, sexy and definitely fun comic created and written by Giz (Gisèle Lagacé), and co-written by Giz and Dave Zero1. They not only have bisexual characters but plots revolve their varied and intersecting relationships. The latest strip has Matt involved with a transgendered model.

Niels is something I thought I wouldn’t see, an interracial poly trio. Niels is a white Danish bisexual killer involved with a black couple (the husband is a bisexual second in command henchman who weapon is a crowbar and who is dealing with his own sexuality along with his secure straight wife). I don’t see black people as main characters in webcomics (probably because the authors are usually white) with a sexuality so this is refreshing in so many ways. This comic is created and written by Humon, who created another funny comic Scandinavia and the World.

Choices is a finished closed comic (meaning it’s done). It tells of a bisexual poly relationship between four people. It does have graphic erotica so it would be NSFW. However it is a good read and through their trial and tribulations, the group realizes how much they need and want each other in their lives.

Comics I’m in the middle of, unknown of any bi or poly characters, yet…

Candi by Starline Hodge

Scandinavia and the World by Humon.

El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive.

Comics that I haven’t read but sounds interesting…

Venus Envy is a comic created and written by Erin Lindsey. This comic is about Zoe, a male to female transsexual teenager who is dealing with life one day at a time. The last update seems to be March 16, 2010.

Queen of Wands is a comic created and written by Aerie.

Umlaut House is a comic created and written by Allan Ecker.

Spice is about a poly family. A comic created and written by Julie Jacob. Not updated in a while.

Strange Den is a poly positive web comic. Not updated since 2008.

Peppermint Saga is created by Mace Paladino. Also NSFW.

Mbausek is created by Mbausek.

Sinfest created by Tatsuya Ishida/Museworks.


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