Mini Movie Review: No Night Is Too Long (2002)

No Night Is Too Long (2002) Made for Television

The facts: It is based on a mystery novelist Ruth Rendell’s book of the same name.

Tim Cornish is an attractive young man who falls in lust paleontologist Ivo Steadman until Ivo tells him that he loves him. Then everything falls apart. Ivo takes Tim to Alaska for a fossil cruise he’s working. For the week Ivo leaves him to take another lecturer’s place on the earlier cruise and leaves Tim to fall for the beautiful Isabelle and she’s all he can think about even wanting to remove Ivo from the equation all together. On the cruise Tim avoids Ivo and when they reach the island Tim and Ivo fight leaving Ivo there for dead.

It reads more like a thriller than a mystery since we are actually showed the end where Tim is narrating the past. From what I understand it was never put on DVD (update: released in France) and they scenes with Tim are more graphic than Broke Back Mountain but they work well and the actor who portrays Tim (Lee Williams) plays him well but it is wishful thinking that Tim could of been with Ivo but he treated the people who loved him like shit so it’s only I guess karma that he doesn’t receive or deserve it back. I think Tim at the end knows it too.



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