Mini Movie Review: The 24th Day (2003)

The 24th Day (2003)

Oscar AwardSynopsis:
A casual gay pickup turns into a nightmare in Tony Piccirillo’s adaptation of his play, The 24th Day. Tom (Scott Speedman of TV’s Felicity) approaches Dan (James Marsden of X-Men) in a bar, and the two hit it off. Tom brings Dan home to his apartment, where, after some idle chatter, Dan tries to kiss Tom. Tom shies away, and begins asking Dan about his sexual history. Dan eventually realizes that he’s been in Tom’s apartment before. They had an encounter several years ago, and Tom has a much clearer memory of that night than Dan does. Eventually, things turn ugly, and Dan finds himself tied to a chair. Tom extracts a blood sample, explaining to Dan that he just recently learned that he’s HIV-positive. Tom insists that he’s not gay, and believes that the only way he could have gotten the virus is from Dan. Tom goes out to have the blood sample tested, and when he gets back, he tells Dan that when he gets the results back, if Dan is HIV-positive, Tom is going to kill him. As they wait for the results, the hours go by, and Dan tries to engage Tom in conversation, to engage his sympathy, and to find a way to escape. As the two men talk and battle for control, Piccirillo flashes back to the recent past, and Tom’s motives become more clear. The 24th Day was shown at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide

I made the mistake of seeing rottentomatoes’ reviews and I almost decided to not watch the movie but changed my mind, I am glad since I enjoyed it very much. I like the two man dynamic and the actors playing the characters. Each guy is trying to out maneuver the other to gain their point of view, who is telling their “truth”. All through the movie I was wondering who did give Tom HIV, if it was his wife or was it Dan and for a second I thought he got the wrong guy and thought “the blonde guy”. It kept me looking, guessing and waiting to see what happened at the end. Rotten Tomatoes it receive 21%, which is their group opinion but I would say watch it.



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