Movie Trailer: Habana Muda (2010)

Habana Muda (2010)
M/F – M/M

Oscar AwardSynopsis:

Documentary Director E. Brach spent 3 years in Havana filming Chino, a deaf-mute who works on a farm. Together Chino and his deaf-mute friends and wife go over the pros and cons of him fleeing Cuba to join Jose, a gay Mexican who has fallen in love with him and is ready to help him leave the country and obtain papers to work in Mexico. But Jose wonders if Chino’s loves him or if he just wants to earn himself a better life and send money back to his needy wife and young children. As the months go by we get to know each of the protagonists more intimately and discover the doubts and bouts of hope each of them entertains with this singular situation.

Movie Trailer:

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