Movie Trailer: Drei (2010)

Drei/Three (2010)

Oscar AwardSynopsis:
[Fandango] Hanna (Sophie Rois) and Simon (Sebastian Schipper) are a married couple in their early 40s; she’s the host of a television talk show and he’s an engineer. Hanna and Simon get along well, but the spark has clearly gone out of their relationship and both find themselves casually fantasizing about other people. When Hanna meets Adam (Devid Striesow), a handsome scientist with a background in genetics, she finds herself powerfully attracted to him, and they begin having an affair. This happens as Simon is struggling with the death of his mother and the news that he has testicular cancer. After surgery returns him to health, Simon is enjoying a swim at a public pool when he meets Adam; while Simon has never been attracted to men before, something about Adam strikes a connection within him, and before long the two are involved with one another. Adam has no idea that Hanna and Simon are married, and neither Simon or Hanna realize their spouse is also being unfaithful, but how long can this go on before the three parties all understand what’s happening?

Movie Trailer:


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