Intermission: Introspection

My thoughts as a reader:
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I think with my burgeoning new knowledge of what I like and don’t like in erotica and in particular in the grouping of (menage a trois) and apparently I really hate the switcheroo. Menage a trois implies new or established relationship that implying lasting beyond the book. The thing about romance and erotica I noticed is that they do stick to a formula. I mean the formulas are old in the genre no matter how it’s written but the idea of two or in this case three people should be in a “happy ending” between the people together. Let’s get back to the switcheroo.

The example is “TriplePlay” by Rhyannon Byrd, it started off nice and sweet and I was interested but basically it was a “one-night stand” situation where the guy was a third wheel and told him to shove off turning it into a monogamous relationship and frankly pissed me off because I kept waiting for the threesome to occur and at the end simply wasn’t satisfied.

I think there should be a classification of “ONS” one night stand for menage a trois books something that signify a relationship that I don’t want to read. You have to understand, the media in general celebrates, publishes and monetize the “heteronormative relationship” as the default. They would have to put on the thinking cap for them to stray from that situation. I discovered slash fanfic and a few years ago it filled the space that I couldn’t or wouldn’t get from TV and movies in general, so in original fiction I don’t have the need for slash nor het but I wanted a space left for triad relationships.

With an “ONS” tag maybe I don’t have to deal with het or slash relationship be but fulfilled with another aspect I want in my media.


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