Movie Trailer: Simone (2012)

Simone (2012)
M/F, F/F

Oscar AwardSynopsis:
[mixed bag] After years of dating women, Simone meets Pedro. He’s charming, intelligent and attractive, and he’s appeared at a time when Simone’s relationship with her live-in girlfriend is falling apart. Tormented by uncertainties and doubts that test everything Simone thinks she knows about herself, she must make a decision. But in the end is it really a question of gender? The film deals with the theme of sexual freedom through the experiences of its protagonist. SIMONE is a gripping story, surrounded by inner questions and uncertainties, which put to the test the convictions of character. Based on true events, the film combines elements of fiction and documentary, playing with scenic creation and assembly, creating a unique world, private and intimate.

Movie Trailer:


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