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Bisexuals on Screen: 2012 Year in Review
So why the smoke and mirrors about – or outright misrepresentation of – bisexual characters?

Tiphany Adams is back on “Push Girls” tonight
“I was asked by someone if [not labeling myself] was something that would make the community upset, and I said no,” Tiphany said. “I think the LGBT community is an amazing community that embraces love, peace and equality as a whole and I’ve only felt that from the community so I’m so grateful for it.”

[Interview] Buckwild’s Cara Talks Bisexuality + Stereotypes That Gotta Go
Yeah, she was nervous, but it’s all good, especially since she’s able to use this opportunity to clear up stereotypes about bisexuality and give advice on how to deal with bullies. Let love lead the way!

The “Side Effects” of Hollywood Biphobia
Our sexual orientation – one that we have reconciled with after agonizing inner turmoil and at the risk of societal rejection – is a source of titillation for Hollywood.

Will the Real Bisexual Men Please Stand Up?
It’s an open secret that bisexuals have to deal with flak from both the queer and straight community, and it was telling that many of the bi students who attended the film screening had come to few or no other Rainbow Lounge events.

Beyond Diversity 101: On Bisexual Characters and YA Literature
However, the LGBT acronym also has the unfortunate side effect of blurring together distinct identities and of erasing some identities. I can’t tell you how often representation of or discussion of “LGBT” people in the media is actually about gay men only.

Really important discussion going on right now about bisexual POC!
First of all, I am totally excited to find that there’s a bisexual POC dialogue going on. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like that coming from the direction of communities of color, rather than from the direction of mostly-white bisexual communities. I don’t know if this is a new thing, or if I’m just new to it, but it’s really exciting to find out!

SKorea’s gay film maker in news over wedding plans
Movie director Kim Jho Gwangsoo surprised many last month by announcing he will symbolically tie the knot with his longtime male partner Sept. 7, in the highest-profile ceremony of its kind ever in South Korea. He and Dave Kim envision a massive public event in Seoul with guests honoring their relations by donating money to build a center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

37 Books By, For, or About Bisexual or Otherwise Non-Monosexual People
The Internet, and actually also real life, can be a minefield for people who want to learn about or talk about bisexuality. The effort of trying to sift through the straight-up biphobia and the fetishizing porn aimed at straight men can wear you out long before you manage to find anything helpful, insightful, or illuminating. To try to make this process a little easier, we’ve compiled a starter of a list of resources. Here you’ll find academic books and nonfiction books documenting the experiences of bisexual people, fiction or memoir that depicts bisexual people, and a few online resources.

The “New York Times” wonders if its harder to come out as bisexual
But not this month. No, this month Petrow answered a question from a reader who wanted some help coming out as bisexual, and, well: “It was the first time any topic has caused the Facebook algorithm to hide posts because of the language, and I’ve had to edit the remarks heavily to let even these few appear [in my column].”

US: Human rights group to take on case of bisexual girl barred from starting gay-straight alliance
“I’m really frustrated that we’ve reached this point, but we can’t wait any longer. The bullying at my school is really bad, and I don’t want to have another school year go by without kids feeling like there’s a safe place where they can be themselves. But the school board keeps trying to stop us,” said Ms Silberstein, in a statement released through the ACLU.


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