Intermission: Radio: It’s My Story – Getting Bi – Tom Robinson

Note: It played for me, so I’m assuming you can watch this program outside the United Kingdom. At least for a few days.

BBC Radio 4: It’s My Story – Getting Bi – Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson was the first rock star to be out-and-proud from the off and in early 1978, at the height of his fame and barely ten years after homosexuality was decriminalised in Britain, he released the song ‘Glad To Be Gay’. He put it in the Top 20 and it made him an overnight gay icon – becoming the anthem of the Gay Liberation Front and sung with gusto at Pride festivals all over the country.

But then in the mid 80s something happened which changed Tom’s life overnight – he fell in love with a woman! The tabloid press had a field day and he was booed when he appeared on stage at the 1987 London Gay Pride Festival.

In this programme, Tom assesses his own changing attitudes to bisexuality and asks if it’s still a bit of a taboo in Britain today?


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